The industrial world today has been aware of how important the maintenance for our machines, equipments or vehicles. With  well maintained equipment we have, it will reduce any cost we have to spend if the equipment or machine damage or even we have to replace it and buy a new one.

Using a right produca for maintenance make our machine or equipment long lasting and works more efficient. Therefore we need a product with good quality, give a long protection to the equipment and satisfy the users.

Drathon lndustrial Maintenance is developed not only to maintain equipments but also to give the best solutions to the problems that may happen in the industrial world such as in oil and gas industry, textile, power plant, mining, sugar mill, aircraft industry, petrochemical, cigar factory, automotive, etc.

Drathon products are available in 4 product categories : Chemicals, Lubricant, Welding and Refractories.

Drathon chemicals is a wide range of chemical products, specializing in industrial maintenance, consisting of heavy duty cleaner, coating, treatment, etc.

Drathon is easy to use, give excellent result and safe.